Wednesday, December 22, 2010

HIM. I love you!

I know that I’m not a good one. I had mine to express whatever is inside me. If you notice, I don’t have much. Maybe because, I do not have enough time and I do not have the courage to do so. Afraid of criticisms, I guess. Before, I am actually not interested with this. But when I signed up for this, I never knew that its way, way more exciting and thrilling. You get to know the “current” things happening to a person. Yeah, I admit, I have been following the naughty ones.

I have been exploring different people with their “unique” escapades in life. Sending comments about this, about that. Every day, I looked forward for their newly shared experiences. Then came one day, I felt that something is missing, something is not there. Yes, sometimes, you can get some moral from them but most of the time, its just naughtiness (no pun intended, I do enjoy you guys ), nothing more.

I really can’t remember how I knew him. I was just hopping that time. Jumping from one to another. When I reached him, I was glued with his greetings. To be honest, I thought it will just all be the same as others, but I was wrong. So wrong. He was already been running with few chapters, so I had to backtrack and catch up. I remember that on the day I met him I have lot of things to do at work but gaawwwddd... I was not able to stop myself on exploring him. I wanted to know him deeply. It was like a love at first sight.

Since Day 1 from the date I met him, I looked forward going for work. Even if I knew that I have tons of work to do, I still have this light feeling because of him. Day by day, I was craving for news about him. Day by day, I wanted to know him more. Day by day, I was falling for him deeply.

Everytime I am with him, I can feel his sincerity. I can feel every situation he got into. I can feel his sadness. I can see his genuine smile. I am down everytime he is shedding tears. I am hyper everytime he is happy. He affects my day so much.

One day, I took a quiz related to him. A quiz that somehow tells you who are you in his life. I am not surprised when I got the result. I got him. Its like I am in front of a mirror everytime I am with him. Though we do not have the same experiences but I also believe with his views in life.

Then came a part in his life wherein he fell for a straight guy, named Andre. This situation actually had a great impact in my life because I before do not believe with the idea of “straight-gay relationship”. For me, straight guys can be friends with gay but too much affection, nah… not possible. But then again, when he met Andre, my perspective changed. I can say that I am now more open with it. But still I hate Andre because of what he did to him. It came to a point where in I told myself, “Sana, ako na lang ang nasa puwesto mo.”

There was a time that I was forbidden to see him as it was demanded by my work. I can’t do anything about it because I can lose my job if I insisted (besides, its normal for a BPO company). I was so sad. Its like, I am not complete. I needed to know what’s happening to him. I went to a person that I knew who can help me with my problem. Literally beg to give permission to see him. I was fortunate enough, I got his permission. I jumped and jumped because of happiness. I was able to date him again.

Another part of his life which I cannot forget and which I am very envious of was when Jeremy came into the limelight. It was very sweet. Full of surprises. I felt sad because it did not work that long because of some important things that happened to him. I cannot blame Jeremy but I just wished that he could’ve just given more understanding and patience with the situation.

With the sad part around because of the things happening with Jeremy, I still felt the excitement for him because of Wei and Jagger. Two different persons, two different personalities. I love them both because they care for him. When I saw Wei in the picture, I blushed because he is actually my type of guy (ahihi). I also love the mysteriousness of Jagger.

I don’t know if its right. Its not that I am desperate. There are a lot of things to consider. We barely knew each other despite the fact that he already shared most of the things happened to him. I do not want to sound like a psycho or whatever but I wish I can have his attention, his love. I want to feel that kind of love. Pure love.

I know that because of him, many people will understand how life as a person like “us” is. Because of him, I am hoping that many eyes will be open not just about “us”, also about treating “love” and “life”.

If you are intrigued and you want to know who he is, go to his site:

To Adam, this is my attempt to do a blog review. I told you, I’m not a good writer but because I love you, I did it.

Till then... Angel will spread his wings and fly...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


2011 na...

Wala pa akong nasusulat na iba...