Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rewind 2009

Last day of work for the year 2009. Walang masyadong work so I have time for blogging. Of course, hindi ako papahuli sa review ng buhay ngayong taong ito. I can say that this year is a roller coaster ride. Nakakaloka! Nakakatuwa! Nakaka-iyak! Lahat na ng emosyon...

  • Joined a start-up BPO company. Agent for two weeks and got promoted as Trainer.
  • Met up with Master Jedi after several months since the break up. Started dating again.
  • Started a new look - grew beard. Good bye "Good Boy Look"
  • Happy with life until the time came that my Mom knew about the "Girl". Worried because she tried committing suicide.
  • Official date as a Corporate Trainer (February 2). Handled my first training class. Had struggles but successfully overcame them.
  • Master Jedi and I officially got back as couple.
  • Problem with my Dad and "Girl" got worse. Planned for the worst scenarios.
  • Dad decided to resigned on his church duties and lived with "Girl".
  • Mom and sisters transferred in Pampanga.
  • INDEPENDENT. Rented a flat. I'm on my own.
  • Got a new phone - Nokia 5800
  • First financial problem for the year.
  • Homesick.
  • Planned to go Puerto Galera but was not able to.
  • Stopped communicating with Dad and "Girl".
  • First year anniversary with Master Jedi - May 13
  • Summer Outing with friends and Jed.
  • Was able to fix finances.
  • Enjoyed life.
  • Regularized as a regular employee.
  • Second financial crisis - paid tuition fees of my sisters.
  • Still enjoying life.
  • Went to Malate after 2 years of not having any gimmick night.
  • Stopped practicing my religion.
  • Busy with work.
  • Conflicts with Master Jedi started.
  • Went to Malate regularly.
  • Started this blog.
  • Regularized as a trainer.
  • Negative things started with work.
  • Broke up with Master Jedi.
  • Met Nurse Boi in Malate.
  • Got a new phone - E71
  • Got a partner at work - after several months of being the only trainer.
  • Still no adjustment with the compensation.
  • Dated Nurse Boi
  • Handle Communication Skills Training for the first time.
  • Ondoy.
  • Expected for the 13th month pay.
  • Usual routine.
  • Still dating with Nurse Boi
  • Still no 13th month pay.
  • Went home in Pampanga and got shocked because "Girl" has communication with my sisters and Mom was okay with it.
  • Talked to "Girl" again. "Girl" planned to end her relationship with Dad.
  • Planned for the financial support to family once "Girl" ended her relationship with Dad.
  • Went to a Gay Bar for the first time.
  • Getting serious with Nurse Boi
  • Start of the major financial crisis
  • Got the 13th month pay - paid some debts.
  • Got the increase on the compensation - atlast!
  • Got addicted with Gay Bar.
  • Deeply in love with Nurse Boi! =)
  • Decided to start a new blog - Pink Wings of Angel
Oh well, these are basically the things happened to me this year. I can not elaborate them further. Atleast, natatandaan ko pa ang mga pangyayari though hindi ganun ka-detailed. I can say that this year made me stronger and more mature in life.

Looking forward for 2010!

Bring it on!

Till then... Angel will spread his wings and fly...


  1. if ever you'd need a shoulder to lean on, dont hesistate to send me a line..mahal_ko_si_jr@hotmail.com..happy new year dear

  2. theres one thing we have in common on your list and its that part where you got addicted to gay bars. WHOOOOO!

  3. wow. kinilig naman ako sa 'deeply in love with nurse boi' with matching smiley pa. i wish na ok naman kayo ni master jed, huh?

    cheers to more struggles and success this 2010, angel!

  4. @anteros: thanks dear... =)

    @Herbs: Cheers for Gay Bars! wakokokok

    @nostalgia: ahehehe... eh super inlove na kasi... Hmmm... master jed, i dunno, siya itong bigla na lang hindi nagparamdam and all... Cheers for a better year! =)